Need help! Five M Zap-Hosting issues


I got a server through zap-hosting for five m. I have been trying for a week to get the mods i want on my server and i can not figure it out… im using filezilla which wont let me add or delete anything unless i re install it and even then i can move one folder before is says permission denied. This is killing me i managed to get one mode to work (fuel). No idea how i did it. Ive put the necessary folders where they need to go, changed config and cleared cache. Nothing is working…


Your question would be best directed to zap support. @zap-hosting


I did, they respond with 1 sentence and then i have to wait 2 or 3 days before i get another


Download this. Make a new session. Get your username and password for zap hosting and add it. Every time you log-on you have to enter the password, which is on zap hosting. Match your port number and file protocol. :slight_smile:

Then google how to add resources into a fivem server. (you put the correct stuff in your /resources and edit your server.cfg and do “start (filename)”. under the specified area.

Its a little complicated but you’ll get the hang of it.


let me know if you need anymore help or if its not working. I can provide photos.


Anyway, remember, zap hosting shouldnt offer you support with resources anyway… They’re just doing you a favour


Thanks a lot! ill give it a shot


It still says permission denied


what is not working? be specific


Sorry. I’m trying to move a permission.cfg to the same folder as config so vMenu will work correctly (hopefully) but it just says permission denied. I have a few other mods that I’ve managed to move to resources but I’m unable to test them because vMenu can’t start…

Idk if you need this info but just in case:
I put all of the necessary folders for vMenu in it’s own folder and changed the config to start it and added another command can’t remember what it was now. But it was needed. The last thing is what I explained above. I’d rather just pay someone to do this. Lol


I can’t seem to figure it out


exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg


Why you say, you need to wait 2 or 3 days @Matt_Walker?

Your ticket was answered 2 hours after creation. My colleague asked you if you used the “server version” of Filezilla. That is a very common issue.

I uploaded a file called “test.log” in root folder of your gameserver, in server-data and resources folder, what works fine. Where do you get permission denied?
Stop your server before uploading files and go to “FTP Browser” to rewrite Permissions - then you should not get any errors.
Never edit/upload files when your server is running.

Otherwise shoot me a message :slight_smile:



Inside your game panel on ZAP, you have an Settings menu on the left, with a Sub-tab “FTP-Browser” . Now, i figured this out after having the exact same issue as yourself, literally every time i reconnect to the ftp server, I have to manually reset the FTP Permissions via FTP Tab in the game panel. It’s stupid IK… But yea, that’s your issue. Support is awful. Ima say no more at this point.


for security reasons we start the server with another user than your FTP user. Once the server is started, some files and folders will get new permissions, so everything works fine with the start user. This leads to the fact, that you need to “Set FTP permissions”.
We will implement an automatic feature for that, so once you stop your server, the permissions will bet set automatically.


Thanks guys for your help. The “set user permissions” was the answer. Hopefully I can get these mods in. Lol


happy to help - if you don’t get it to work, shoot me a private message or add my by discord zap-hosting#2003
Have fun!