Need Developers For Big RP Project!



Me and another streamer/RP’er are wanting some developers for our server idea. I’m well known for Arma 3 RP mainly where i’ve played with big streamers like LIRIK, SayeedBlack, Kiwo, Koil, AbdulHD, DirtyRandyTV, etc… List goes on. Anyways me AKA LoadingMeerkat and another streamer TYPEY have come up with a GREAT idea for a roleplay community. We aren’t interested in money/power all we simply want is a FUN community like we used to have where we’d sink hours a day into because it was so much fun like CriticalGaming on Arma 3 Life. We don’t need nothing special to start off. Could be just a simple RP server with a spawn menu in the beginning. I’m moving to France in January for 5 months+ so I personally don’t have a lot of time to work on something like this just by myself which is why we could use help from some of you guys. Obviously working on this will benefit the developers too.

Join my Discord and leave a message in #gta-rp-chat if interested -


Yea guys defiantly would like everyone to benefit off this project. We are really excited to see what we can build together. Any questions HMU.