MySQL error [ESX]



Hey guys,
i setup my FXServer with essentialmode but i got that error:

An error happens on MySQL for query “SELECT * FROM items {=}”: Access denied for user ‘’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

Don’t know how to fix it …


That means you have entered the wrong password


But it is the right password!
Changed it several times and created 2 new accounts but it don’t work.


try it without a password


Doesn’t work too …


Does anyone have an idea?


Have you tried changing it from localhost to 127.0.01

Also make sure you’ve put the login correctly, and/or don’t set a password


Yes … i tried everything!


Same problem… UP!!


use account username ‘root’ no password ?
if not , go to ur DB create new user , and use that


This is not a FiveM/FXServer related problem. Please ask for support in the ESX topic or look online for support on how to use MySQL/add user accounts to MySQL.