My problems with Zap


Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to provide some insight to the problems that I’ve been dealing with through Zap hosting over the past couple of months. I’ve tried, many times, to resolve these through 4 tickets, many emails, a PM with @zap-hosting on the forums, and a discussion on Discord with the owner. I’m hoping this can help some people avoid them and opt for a VPS, like I did.

It started 1/26/18, when I purchased a 20 slot gameserver. I’d provide more details on what exactly I purchased, however, the invoice is in a different language. On 1/28/18, I emailed them stating that I was having problems with their service. I was having difficulty, in multiple browsers, navigating their site, using buttons on their portal, or anything of the sorts. My game server was also not showing up in the server list. I asked for them to help me resolve these problems, or provide a refund. I don’t believe that this is a ridiculous request.

Now their terms are poorly written, but they have a right of revocation clause that states that within 14 days, the customer has the right to cancel the contract - for any reason and/or without reason. I notified them on my intent to cancel on 1/28, 1/30, and 1/31 in two separate tickets. They contend that because the service was supplied, the revocation is invalid. In my layman opinion, their terms are contradictory on that subject (there’s info on prorating in the paragraph directly before). Regardless, I would have been fine simply accepting being out $15 and moving on. I’d contend that since the service never worked it was never delivered, but that’s an argument that’s neither here nor there.

Fast forward to this week. I get an email stating they want the service to renew (Mind you, the email isn’t even in english). I emailed them back and stated the service was cancelled on 1/28, and that I did not renew it. They have said that I did not cancel, and have been fighting with me over their terms of service over the past ~3 days.

In addition to this very poor customer service, they have deleted my review of their company’s customer support from 2/2/18, where I left a review which was factually accurate and depicted my experience with this company. It is my opinion, that any company which goes and deletes negative reviews, which are not obviously fake, is not a business you want to deal with.

All in all, I’ve had an extremely negative experience. Their customer support team has acted, time and time again, very unprofessional and shown a lack of knowledge. I have been disappointed with the childish behavior by this company.

I’d suggest anyone that’s looking to create a new FiveM server to invest some time and host on a VPS. I’ve been using a VPS from OVH that’s cheaper, provides better stats, and more control over my server. There’s lots of guides in the Server Tutorials section, including this one which I used. I’d also be happy to help anyone setup a FiveM server on a VPS.

I know I’ve seen others on the forums posting their less than great experiences with Zap, I’d just like to share mine as well, especially since my reviews on other venues were deleted by Zap.

I’m happy to provide any proof of the tickets, the emails, or the invoices. They’re all backed up in case Zap decides to delete them, just like my review.

If @zap-hosting reads this, I’d be happy to share my Account Number in a PM and hopefully come to a resolution. I’d simply like a refund, I’d even accept a prorated refund from the time that I requested a refund on the 28th of January, since that is how your terms seem to be written in part(?).


Hi River,

sorry that you had issues with our control panel in january. That month was the month, many other providers were blacklisted. We were facing heavy ddos attacks to our control panel. But this is already solved for over a month now. At this time, also the support was a little bit overloaded by many many resource issue requests.
Sorry for that too.

Your server was renewed because you have chosen the contract option, what is cheaper:

I will make an exception and cancel the contract & refund the money for the renewal :slight_smile:
I just sent a PM to you. Please provide your customer ID there.

Thank you


After reading there response to your post here, I can 100% State that no longer will myself or anyone else that I know continue to use there services, myself and a friend of mine have been dealing with them for the past few days and have gotten nowhere it all started when we purchased a VPS (In which it stated nowhere it would be located in germany) we contacted support and notified them that it was an issue that it was in germany (It also took them 12 hours to set up our vps and deliver it) after contacting there support they continued to state “Why would I assume its not in germany” I simply stated to them it is not stated anywhere on there website or even on the page for the hosting they continued to respond with “If no country is stated then it would be in germany” asking for a a refund was like pulling teeth, they continued to state that there was no issues with the product and that they will see if they can refund us in “Zap Coins” now after investing $300USD + into a server with them for an entire year

Strictly because they where recommended by FiveM we assumed ordering an entire year would of been a great choice sadly, there customer support and lack of knowledge as you stated are just disappointing considering they are to be #1 hosting for FiveM,

After being refunded our $300USD in “Zap Coins” we followed suet with what they stated we should do (Order a Gameserver that is located closer to us) as we did this it again took 15 HOURS!!! to deliver our server to us and when asked it took over 10 Hours to get a response from them stating that there was an issue with the servers, As I was talking to one support member my friend was speaking to another about the same issue the support person I had gotten stated that there was “Issues with the servers and they would be back up and running shortly in the next hour or so” little did he know I had a friend speaking to another support worker who actually knew what he was doing and said He would look into it and fixed it right away immediatly, I then began trying to run the server there were continues errors in the console regarding to citzenFX and other issues I asked them why these issues are showing up and these issues are causing my scripts not to load AT ALL! they simply replied with “Look in your logs it will have details there” after I had stated the issue and showed them the logs that was there reply no support what so ever little to no instant delivery if you order today you might as well wait 12 hours to get your server cause there support team and workers barely are even working or online usually will take around 4-6 Hours to get a ticket answers or even there live chat support team to respond to a conversation you were having with them and they felt the need to leave mid conversation considering we are paying custsomers and we pay for a service that works and don’t get that nor do we even get any support at all regarding any issues we have and all they state is they will issue you a refund with there “Zap Coins”

These Zap Coins can only be used on there services (Which they have no knowledge of what so ever how to assist or fix or even help with) they will continue to refer you to there terms in which they are clearly as you stated above ontradictory I highly do not recommend using this service at all! and I do not recommend anyone else to ever go with this provider as the support response time is slow as hell and the delivery is just as slow all to wait to get a broken server and nobody knows why the server was delivered broken, this is rediculous and I am seriously let down by FiveM for backing these people it is giving FiveM a serious bad name and sadly these people continue to delete reviews and only keep good ones simply to look better.


I don’t think you get the point here, zap is not affiliated with FiveM at all, they were just the first provider to contact fivem about finding a deal to let them host fivem servers as a gsp, unlike the “good” providers that you’re talking about, which didnt give a fuck and CONTINUED TO UNLAWFULLY SELL FIVEM SERVERS. Also by adding zap to the “entities allowed to sell fivem preconfigured servers” addendum in the ToS, fivem receives money from zap, which keeps thr backend hosting going, without it, no servers would work, not even the server list. Also, FiveM is a modification framework, which implies it is NOT meant for unexperienced people. If you dont even know how to properly setup a vps without relying on other people, then you perhaps need to only play fivem.


Why would you spend a year worth of money on something if you don’t like the service quality? And then start complaining after the fact? Don’t you every try stuff first before committing something and spending a lot of money on something? Doesn’t seem like Zap is to blame for your inability to manage your money…

It’s not like everything is shared immediately within support teams, if something happens, not everyone can be notified about it at once, besides some may have had similar support cases prior and remember a fix, whereas the other tech support person may not have had that personal experience yet and doesn’t know how to solve it right away.

If you have any factual proof of this being the actual reasons for certain reviews/topics to be closed, then by all means please enlighten me. If not, then don’t make such claims.


If I’ve actually broken any reviewing rules, please let me know. This review was an accurate depiction of my experience with this company. Harsh, sure. Could be written more professionally? Yes. But, It’s accurate and a true depiction of my experience.

I’ll admit the only thing that is wrong with this, is that it should say support doesn’t speak good english. That’s my bad, but as you’ll see, I don’t have the option to edit this - most likely since they reported it and had it deleted.


That explicitly states a 7 day cancellation notice. I provided a 28 day cancellation notice, another notice on day 26, and day 25. I asked directly for confirmation that the service would be cancelled via email.

It’s sad that the only way to get a refund is making a public post, this is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, and should have been handled with one inquiry. If the service was indeed cancelled when I asked, I would have just moved on and not even demanded a refund, left bad reviews (for you to delete), and posted here.

Customer service is vital to any business. I hope that you can learn from the experiences being posted here and improve to be more successful.


When support tells a customer to delete the base every script depends on because it threw errors. Lol.


@River Trustpilot has a very strict review deletion policy. If a review do not provide any customer ID or invoice ID etc. you are able to ask that reviewer about trough trustpilot. Trustpilot ask him to provide these details. You have 7 days then - review will be shown during that period.
If you do not provide a customer ID, I can report it. Trustpilot will ask you again, giving you 7 days to provide these details. If you do not response, the review will be deleted.
Here you find more informations about Trustpilot delete policies:

@HST Yes, you are right. Sorry about that. We just started to work with ESX in january, so we did not know very much about that at this time. Honestly it is very hard to us, to support each resource/script, because there are thousand of these. Of course ESX is very well known and often used, we are still working to implement an ESX installer to our control panel. We are also currently hiring “FiveM technician” who will help configuring these resources and setting up a “custom server” for free.

@River Anyway, thanks for your detailed review. This leads to the fact that we are currently reconsider our refund policy. We are thinking of implementing a feature where you can simply cancel an order within 14 days and get back the time not using the server. We are currently employ 8 full time supporter here in germany, Münster. It is very hard to find new staff in this area here. This leads to long answering times (long means 3-15mins per answer, what is not very live) in our Livechat, what makes some people very angry. We only considered closing the livechat. That would lead to a ticket response time of 45minutes during our business hours (10:30AM-11:00PM; CET). This would improve the quality of support as well, but I really don’t like the idea of closing the livechat, since we are providing that “feature” for 7 years now. We are currently implementing a home office support panel what allows us to employ gameserver supporters from all over the world without risking any customer data. We are currently conducting the interviews and hopefuly provide a faster and better support within the next weeks.


Never once did I state the company I would be switching to so you are clearly making assumptions based off my statement that I would rather not work with Zap anymore and would be taking my services elsewhere.

Also, I had purchased there services for a year first based off the Fabricated reviews that were posted all positive considering after the fact me finding ou t they delete bad reviews, sadly after purchasing this service I was infact disappointed of the lack of customer support and lack of knowledge and had requested a refund $300USD isn’t much to me the fact that FiveM themselfs recommend Zap Hosting is why I used Zap Hosting, Im sure other companies would be more then willing to get in touch with FiveM and offer them there services, trust me Im sure they will be other customers that see the lack of knowledge and unprofessional support team and tech and will take zaps place in the upcoming near future, and I still will stick to my opinions on Zap Hosting that they lack knowledge and are unprofessional and will continue to not recommend there services to others based on mine and hundreds of others bad experinces with them


This is not possible… There is an exclusivity agreement between ZAP Hosting and FiveM. Therefore, ZAP will be the only authorized hosting provider for an undisclosed amount of time. The reason why ZAP Hosting is the only authorized GSP is that they were the first company to reach out to the Collective through appropriate channels.

However, you have to understand that the support team at ZAP hosting are learning as well. They don’t have to offer support for resources and whatnot, yet they chose to so it would be easier for those that don’t fully understand how to use them.

That being said, I feel this discussion is pretty much over… There is really no reason to continue, as you’ve all made the point that you were trying to. ZAP has responded and said they are trying to better their company by teaching support and by adding more dedicated support personnel.

If you don’t like ZAP, or unwilling to continue using them, feel free to make your own server without any dedicated support via VPS/Dedicated or home hosted.


Trustpilot also doesn’t let you post a review without that information, go ahead and try it. I also remember supplying a customer number. So, unless that number became ‘invalid’ from the time I posted the review until the time it was removed…

Either way, It’s reposted now, with both an invoice and customer number.