My Key for my server don't work!


pls help me i am trying to make a server i generated my key and put it in the server.cfg where it says sv_licenseKey “my key here” but when i run my server it say that i don’t have a license key in the server.cfg, pls help i am getting to angry now


How are you launching the server and what is the folder structure?




Please read the Wiki carefully, especially step 5-8. Looks like you used a gazillion year old YouTube tutorial


i don’t even use youtube to make stuff and i read you guys install guide


can you give me a vid that shows me all the stuff cuz i don’t understand the text from 5-8


A video is not going to help you. If you cannot follow these simple instructions, I don’t think you are fit to run a server.

They are very straightforward and to the point.

You must clone the server-data folder OUTSIDE of your server folder and go into cmd, navigate to that server-data folder and run this command C:\<path_to_fxserver>\run.cmd +exec server.cfg


dude i had a fivem server before and i have 1 gmod server and 1 rust server and 1 webserver for my website that is comming up


pls make a small vid
cuz i am bad at eng i only know swe


just do what he said to do… it really isnt that hard.



You’ve not read the tutorial on running a FX Server. You need to run the CMD file from the “server-data” directory.


yes i have but i am not good at eng, your not reading what we have sayd
plus i got it to work now but not from you guys, you guys where not any help, but thx anyways for trying


no? so you did exactly what we were trying to tell you then. your welcome.


Ehh No You Bitch i was looking at an swedish man who showed how to do it not your guyses way
like go outside of the server and do a batch file like wtf bad support and bye forever


Seriously? Nice childish behaviour. Bear in mind that a thousand other servers have done this successfully. You do seem lingual enough to type well. Stop expecting first class support from an open source project that people are spending their free time on making and helping.

Again, stop the cursing. The wiki is the proper procedure and quite accurate. If you find whatever magical way in setting up the server then good for you. Just don’t start beef.


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