Monaco Rp is a new RolePlay city!



Welcome to Monaco Rp is a new city RolePlay | Obligatory Discord | 32 Slots |

Mayor of the city Mr. Gibbs Jethro Deputy mayors Mr. Joe John and Mr. Sato Sato.

Developer and Director M.Gibbs Jethro Directors M.Doe John and M.Jotaro Sato.


Here are many possibilities for you!

A developer at your service and active with a staff available!

To follow the evolution of the server and the city, go to

[FR / QC / BE] Monaco RP | Illegal | Company | Tattoo | Jobs | Compatible Controllers |

Server IP

Very good server with a strong potential in terms of development and PR. Current recruitment of players! If you are interested, go say hello :slight_smile:

ESX server


Why is the post english and aren’t you?