Mod Menu Hanging of screen



Mod menu help??? does anyone know how to move the mod menu as its hanging of screen slightly


Probably a config option, zip the resource and send it over and i will edit it for you if you like.



Lol, good luck with that @Titch2000 I bet you can’t.
The reason being: it’s not even a bug in the menu itself that can be fixed.

@Lewis_Clarke if you would’ve checked the vMenu topic, instead of creating a random new topic for it. Then you would’ve seen a lot of comments about this saying that you are either:

  • using a custom resolution that is not supported by GTA V.
  • running in windowed mode and changed resolution to something weird.
  • in full-screen mode and alt-tabbing while joining the server.

so don’t do any of those and you’ll be fine.

Oh: and don’t create topics for existing resources. but that should be obvious by now.