MizleMenRP [ELS Style] Active EMS/Police [Jobs] #TwitchStreamers



Server: MizleMenRP [ELS Style] Active EMS/Police [Jobs]

Yes the title says it all! We are looking for talented individuals to impress us with their skilled minds in our serious role play server. When we mean talented we are saying we would like to see people use their minds in their own role playing experience (come up with your own story line). This is a community of all Twitch streamers in which the links will be provided, and could be a great opportunity for people who are wanting to make it big in the streaming world. Coming up with your own dialog is a must and would be greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind the cops AREN’T overpowered, and are well trained to meet the needs for real life police officers. Having a real life and current police officer training our force to meet the criteria for a real life experience. In general they stop for traffic violations, or come to you for emergency purposes (if called upon for any issues). Some of the police officers are streamers and would like to have a great show for their viewers ( amazing dialog #roleplay ).

Everyone starts off with 5k in the bank and 500 on hand, so you aren’t broke when you first come into the server. Once you apply for your identity and select a job, you will be making money fast and quick. Soon bank robberies and store holdups will be added so you can have more of an enjoyable experience. We don’t want to hold people in certain areas for role-play and would like it to be more of an open world kind of deal. You can travel anywhere you want whenever you want without boundaries.

Real life cars are also in the server, but still undergoing a process to make it accessible with a garage that will be implemented in the next few days. These cars include Bugattis, Lamborghinis, maseratis, Chevy 1500, challenger RT 1960s, old school GT 500 mustangs, Cadillacs, and much more. Some of the police vehicles are equipped with ELS and some without needing ELS.

We are still under some construction, and adding new things everyday to make the server more exciting. If you are a developer and someone that is into coding servers (creating custom UIs for everyone to use like FamilyRP and NoPixel), by all means give us a shout and let us know your experience, we would like to have you on our team.

As of right now the server is open to the public. Once it starts becoming full we may tend to white-list it more towards the people who actually tend to perform role-play in a fashionable manner. If you would like to apply for a white-list position, feel free to apply for it with our cool little google application. (https://goo.gl/forms/7o9iv3AIZBK0UJqK2)

We hope you enjoy your time in our server and we would love to interact with you in the future for amazing dialog and action RP experiences!

List of Twitch streamers:

Pitchit aka Mike Gatell (CEO of Weazel News) The owner, and admin


Coachfour (EMS)

DillonPotter15 aka Officer Dillon

If you would like to be added to our list of streamers, let us know that you are a streamer and we will provide your credentials as well. Apply for that position in the application above!

Thank you for taking the time in reading this! We hope our server provides a great experience for everyone!