Minimum/recommended specs for server?


Title says it all, also what hosting company is reliable but does good deals to host a fiveM server from?


Please check the website:

Server system requirements: x86-64 system running Linux or Windows (7/2008 R2+), decent upstream connection.

Requirements for client and server can be found there!


i don’t see the server system requirements


It’s under Languages available


Thank you, Got any Recommendations for a host?


Depends, you trying to go VPS or Dedicated? and whats your budget?


VPS would be cheaper and we are just starting up so probably VPS and on the cheaper side


OVH has pretty cheap VPS’s

Also, Dacentec has a dedi for $35 per month, which isn’t too bad

Google it and see if you can find any cheaper, or any you like better! Everyone has their preference for hosting providers.


I just remembered i currently own a VPS with descent specs but unsure how it would run a fivem server


FiveM servers don’t require a lot. It should run it fine