Massive FiveM errors in my community


Hello !
After last 2 update all my community has this error :

Fivem won’t start anymore, i have 5 copies of FiveM , each broken with this error .
All players have Windows 10, and latest updates from FiveM . Deleting cache.xml not helping .
After reinstalling FiveM , it gives only one successful launch after this we still getting this error .
What it can be ?

All processes are closed in task manager.
It’s not creating Citizen.log anymore, that’s why i can’t drop it right here.
Same situation with FiveM Singleplayer.

After launching FiveM 3 times i getting this in TM :



Well lot of processes, kill them all and try again

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I tryed to do that , it helped only once :frowning:
And i still have same error , same for other players .



I just restarted my pc and FiveM worked fine , but when i close FiveM i still having not closed process in task manager , why FiveM can’t kill all processes ?

Here is not killed processes :

And i got this error again :frowning:



only reason for this to happen would be if you have software running on your PC that prevents the process from exiting.

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How i sad before this error not only for me , same for 5 of my players .
For example, i don’t have antiviruses ( and same for some players (
It worked fine before , but after last 2 updates it’s broken :frowning:


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