Magicallity RP *Recruiting Cops* *Recruiting EMS* ACTIVE SERVER Join -



Hey guys we are a active server we are currently recruiting Cops and EMS

At Magicallity we are always adding and working on new and exciting things for the server and to enhance the RP aspect. We welcome anyone and everyone to join in and be apart of our community. <----------- thats the discord

Server IP:



Thanks for the post :slight_smile:
Alternate IP incase it changes:

Service check:
Slots in use:


I’ve been Playing on this server for more then 3 months now and seen it grow so much and is still growing. I love role playing with everyone and its a very fun place to RP. The improvements made daily on the server is so awesome and cant wait to see what more we have to offer in the future.


Can we get an updated Discorcd link?