Losing when people join my server


Whenever a person joins my FiveM server, my whole internet crashes for a few seconds. I have no problems with my router, i’ve been running multiple Minecraft and TS servers before. Its only with FiveM Servers.

Im running this at home.


These require barely anything compared to fivem…



The funny thing is, my connection is disconneted 100% when its happening. Like when you unplug your ethernet cable…

I have a 100/100 Fiber connection.


and your pc specifications?


Dedicated Server.

2x Intel Xeon - 12 Cores




So your internet disconnects or your servers internet?


My whole internet crashes :o


Considering this only happens to you, I highly doubt it’s something to do with FXServer or FiveM.


You might be right.

I quess its a router/modem problem…


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