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Its time to update the pics my dude.


daily stump


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Daily stump


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LSDPS does not utilize discord.


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daily bump


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What makes this community more unqiue than others and why? (A VERY TOUGH QUESTIONS FOR OWNERS)


Instead of writing something like ‘bump’ to bump this topic, provide some actual content. Screenshots, latest community news, videos, progress updates of whatever you’re working on, or whatever. Don’t just write ‘bump’, because that’s definitely considered spam and might get your topic unlisted for spam.


Every single admin in our community works IRL in a public safety profession making our community more realistic than any other in FiveM.

Our community has no 1 leader and instead has a voting approach to all community changes.


Is that it, or is there any more features that no other community has?


I do not know exactly what features each of the other dozens of active communities have so those are the things I am confident in saying are exclusive to LSDPS.


New custom server is online!


Accepting applications for LSCSO, SASP and the Civilian department!

New custom server with new menus.

Also we have opened up a Discord server for members.



Apply today!


Discord updated


Apologize the website is https://www.lsdps.us