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New custom menu added



SASP has a wide variety of vehicles in the fleet.



Even the Commissioner patrols the beat and is not afraid to issue citations. This one for an illegally parked vehicle in Paleto Bay.


How can you ticket such a beautiful car?


SASP Motorcycle Officers on a routine traffic stop in Harmony.


Allowed to apply for Civilian if I’m 13 I have had experience in the civ dept.? though it says min. age 16 years?? Not to sound unmature etc. but there have been a lot of people that have said that I’m verymature for my age. So that shouldn’t be a problem tbh.


As a rule, our community does not allow anyone under the age of 16 to become members, although we have on occasion allowed some 15 year olds. Our community participates in very serious roleplay that sometimes involves adult situations. We feel because of this that it may not be suitable for younger persons. We appreciate your interest in LSDPS and wish you the best of luck in your future roleplaying endeavors.



Helo 1 on station above a high risk traffic stop in Sandy Shores at night.


Damn. Helo 1 had us…


Los Santos County Fire / EMS working an overdose call in Stab City.


Quick meeting between the Sheriff and the Commissioner in the Paleto Bay station parking lot.



This driver discovered that it is not a good idea to drive while intoxicated. Troopers also found a small amount of narcotics in his possession.



Looking good


SASP Sniper modeling the new Emergency Response Team uniform for daytime ops. Beret optional.


Is applications still open