Los Santos City Life RolePlay



Hello, I am one of the principle owners/Founder of Los Santos City Life RP. We are a brand new community. We have been adding a lot of new things into our community the past few days. We are a community that cares about the members and the opinions you have. I have worked along with people to get as much as I can into the server. We are looking in to a esx server.

We have the Following Police Departments/ Sub-Divisions
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Medical Department

Sub Divisions
Boat Unit
Air Unit

We have positions available within the Los Santos City Life RP staff department.

Also we will be having a purge event on the 12th November 2018. Everyone can join don’t need to be a member. You can come and join the fun.

Here’s our Website https://lossantoscityliferp.mistforums.com/
Here’s our Discord https://discord.gg/pNwPrxf
Here’s our Server IP:

We will be having TS3 servers up soon.

All applications are Below. Thank you guys for reading and hope to see you on the server.


We have now got the following departments that are currently hiring for Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Including a fire chief. We are working around the clock to bring in the best for the people of the community.

Los Santos Police Department - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UkgBuPGPBNUyua44nisU_TAHfYHoKBGL5aYiJ2Dadw8

Los Santos Fire Department - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16Ky-vgTYlW9pCPxbvfwoYOJ73kiXn_b-a4CeRltRtow

Blaine County Sheriff Office - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/146S-3LbySMHvGm8VpUYZrNz0EItn_L9l7UWY2X84cco

San Andreas Highway Patrol - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bVHC_Njv9Die3P0lIbLYF-vrH6rRgEwhOullU8Tn69M

We are also looking for staff members. Please make sure that you are in the discord when applying for all departments.

Staff Application - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iNIP49D8dX_yLyAhtuX-QwXNEroUAco3R5YZ6zh9gUQ


We now also have:-
Dynasty8 - You can buy your own property to live in game. Note the server doesn’t have a money fuction so It’s about how you present yourself into buying a property over messaging.

FAA - If you want to be a pilot then you can join the FAA team to get a licence to fly. You will be helped on training and what planes you can fly. Now you don’t need a licence to fly but there’s a chance you could be shot down if you don’t follow any orders you have been given by the FAA.

Coast Guard - You can be part of a Coast Guard crew, Where you will respond to people who are in trouble out in the oceans and general Wooded areas where vehicles can’t go.

These are still being made. But will be soon available to you. Interceptors, classes.


We are looking for a developer to help us out in building a ESX server for my community. I have tried and failed. Not sure what i’m doing wrong.


Hey everyone, I am the co-owner of this server, there are tons of new things in this server plus more coming in the future, we have such features that would get you banned or aren’t allowed on other servers such as

  • Impersonating an officer
    if caught impersonating an officer, you won’t be kicked or banned, you’ll be arrested and given a hefty fine

we also offer stuff like MilitaryRP, the military in game is more based off of the British things such as the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, and the Royal Marines, same thing if caught impersonating military personnel, you’ll be arrested and given a fine

with our server, we want to stand out from the rest and base everything on RP, we want to open up new opportunities for everyone!

we don’t care how wild your ideas are, well as long as they’re not offensive, we will probably consider them, we welcome everyone to the server, I’d recommend at least trying it out before just ignoring this


We as Owners, Co-owners, Staff and members want to help improve you RP like never before. being restricted to what you could and couldn’t do sucks, But with this community we don’t care how wild your ideas are, well as long as they’re not offensive. We want to open up new challenges and opportunities that would push the boundaries of RP. We want you to try something you haven’t done before.

We offer:-
Military RP,
Hosting events such as the purge,
Street racing events,
Able to buy properties via messages.
FAA Pilot classes.
You can use discord adverts chat for in game businesses etc.
Coast Guard opportunities
We allow impersonation a police officer/ military personal.

We offer a lot of things to help you improve and go above and beyond during RP.

More things will come soon, Thank you for reading this. Have a wonderful day.

Kind Regards,
LSCLRP - Founder/Principle Owner


Updates the has been released so far in to the main community server.

  • MissionRowPD
  • Sandy Shores Fire Dept.
  • Sandy Shores Enhancement
  • Grapeseed Alive
  • Vinewood Alive
  • Traffic Signs
  • Land Act Reservoir
  • Forest - Paleto
  • Sandy Shores Sheriffs Office
  • Sandy Shores Airfield
  • Sandy Shores Checkpoint
  • Sandy Shores Yacht(not as glamorous as it sounds)
  • Lakeside Racetrack
  • Vehicles have also been added

More is still being tested we have also got an event server.

that’s being updated as well more to come soon!


New updates will be coming into effect into the community soon, We are also looking for a Cad-system to use. We are looking for a developer to help out with the maintenance of the servers, discord and teamspeak.

Looking for a developer who knows how to create a teamspeak server rooms and setting up Perms


Hello, I need a devepeler to help out with the server.