Looking for someone to convert cars to addon


hey everyone i am looking for someone that can convert some police cars so they are addon as i have tried and failed Please help thankyou


Have you tried searching the forums? There are dozens of police car addons.


i have and tried a few i just can’t get them to work


well getting people to convert them to addons isnt going to help. Because they are already addons.


i need them to have custom spwan names as i don’t want to use normal slots


You rename the model/material names and change it in the vehicle.meta and carcols.meta



can you give a Example


I just told you EXACTLY what to do

If you cant get it from that then an example isnt going to help.


so i have changed the model name and vehicle meta but it dosn’t come with a carcols meta


well you dont need it then. Check any other files. Like vehiclevariations.meta or handling.xml


they have been changed to anything else


you don’t change it to anything else you gotta know what you’re changing…