Looking for some German Servers they need Developers


Hi is there anywhere a Germanbased Community/Server they are looking for a Developer?I am a Java Developer but i know C# and some about LUA i scripted offline on my own Server to learn something but now i am looking for a Community to learn from others to get better :slight_smile:


How can we contact you? :slight_smile:


Here with a reply or pm if u mean that :slight_smile: maybe u can send me ur discord or teamspeak or something in a private message so we can talk :slight_smile:


If you could send me a PM on Discord, that’d be great. My username’s George#9730


Removed the german.



Dont know why u remove this because i write it in english too and i have seen some france language here so i was thinking its ok if i write it in two languages. But Ok no german :slight_smile:


It’s not just German. The forum is English-only. Other posts have non-English languages removed as well.


can you just add cars,gun,uniforms for me?