Looking For Good FiveM Community Out There



Hello I Am Looking For Good FiveM Community To Be I Can’t Find Any Good Ones Does Anyone Know Any Good FiveM Community’s Out There Like With Serious Role-Play And All That


You can’t find any because you join and leave, and try to ban people once given admins powers.


FastGaming Roleplay

Check us out Discord!

We are looking for State Troopers and SanTrans Workers.



Join my server i am looking for active staff / members https://discord.gg/E2AQKw


Delta Role Play Community || White Listed Server!

DeltaRP Forum Page



Its Fine Guys Thanks For Helping But I Have Tried Every Server You Guys Gave Me And I Don’t Feel Like Role-Playing Anymore But Thanks Guys For Helping Me Out I Was 2 or 3 Good Community’s Long Time Ago But They All Shut Down Because Of Bull S**t That Went On But Thanks For Your Help.


Come join us at San Andreas live RP! https://sanandreaslive.com Admins and staff are chill and not strict like those large communities. Come give us a try!





Hello everyone

Let me tell more about us than that we are a new server with looking for admins exectra

So me and my friends have made amazing community with allowing ofc dual claning with notifying our admins or moderator for that so we know that you may play on other servers and that’s fine to us.

What are we looking for a players?

We are looking for loyal members who play active and be nice to everyone and not breaking server rules of course everyone can’t be what we are looking for so we have interview before we accept anyone in our community and that way we try to get bad one’s off and actually me at my self have been on doj and done a roleplay and a staff work on there so we have experianced staff on our server.

Positions we are looking for?

We are looking for moderators possible new name will be staff and department chain of command members of course at start you will be have faster dept. progress which will help you if you go now you will be lot of faster than 6 month later when we are bigger and better community.

Who are you?

I’m Assistant deputy director and part of head administration team and i will be handling admin dept. requests and be sure that everyone have filled out everything needed on future i will be handling cad with my admin team and trust is one that help your progress alot you can just think if you get my trust you will be a staff team fast but that is not usually possible for everyone that is again why we have the interview procress.

Why should you join to us?

We are fast growing community and we beleve that on christmast 2018 we will be a big community and yes we have big dreams and we will work for it. We are not wanna be famous guys we are just friends who like to roleplay and most of us live on different country and internationaly will be the one what we can offer from trainings.

What kind of trainings are?

Our training program will be littlebit in progress but now we will give you a possibility to become a head of a Field training department and make it looks like your department and let you do lot’s of things and we will trust you things that most of the people will not be and let you make everything the best for our server we will need every documentation approved before a publishing or relasing it to department or for everyone.

How do i join after this all i have read?

So you can join by pressing this or sending me a private message if link does not work.

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Discord link updated



My name is A. Shores I am a K9 Trooper for the State of San Andreas Emergency Role Play Community. A lot of our members are real life Law Enforcement Officers as well as Fire Department. This gives us an advantage to bring members the most realistic role play possible. At State of San Andreas Emergency Role Play we offer opportunities for roleplay that are not usually considered by other communities allowing for Members to get a real life look at what Policing, Dispatching or FireFighting is in the real world. Our Police and Fire Team are always in training to learn more about their department. We train each member of the community so they will adapt in every situation we throw at them making our levels of role play to be wider than alot of servers.
We are actively recruiting people to all departments and would love to see you all in roleplay having fun. We accept anyone, but must be mature and will be accessed upon a interview entering the community. Many players will benefit and will not regret coming to our community.

Some of the features that we have in our community are…
Menu-Based server
Customized CAD/MDT System
Amazing Staff Team
Advanced Teamspeak Development
Advanced Discord Development
Fully Customized Civilian Cars
Fully Customized Police Car Skins
Custom Uniforms [EUP]
Custom Map
Loads of different scripts (K9, realistic Handling, Recoil etc…)

The departments that we are actively recruiting are…
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Communications Department
Civilian Operations

Here is all of our server information so you can get started on your roleplay experience here at,
Website - https://www.sosaerp.com
Discord - https://discord.gg/Y8ZcpEn

| SOSAERP | State of San Andreas Emergency Role-play | WHITE-LISTED | WORKING ELS | 1 of 1 EUP | UNRELEASED CARS | UPDATED PICTURES Server Bazaar


come check us out we are a gaming network with multiple servers, our staff is nice we have good rp and you will have a great time here! https://discord.gg/CJ9FUrC


Hey you should come check us out! New community looking for dedicated members who love RP. We have a lot of great activities and unique features. Come check us out!


Dear Mr/Ms Teitur.

Hi, My name is Will. I would like to inform you about Thurston County Role-Play. We are a growing community with two Teamspeak Servers, two FiveM Servers, A CAD/MDT, Discord, and much more. We are an application based community made of Current and previous MidwestRP, DoJ, OCRP, Dark Shield, and ACDC. You can apply on our website: thurstoncountyrp. net/apply . We hope to have you on our team.

TCRP Official Fan Server: https:// discord.gg/EyP9G6h


Up to you if you think we are good!




Have you checked us out yet?? Come join the family


MLRP Roleplayers come check us out!
What we offer:
Custom cars
Custom car skins
Addon/Replace Cars
20+ Emergency vehicles and unmarked vehicles
Custom scripts
Custom maps
State police
San Andreas Fire & Medical
Blaine County Vol Fire Department
Sub divisions such as Detective, K9 Swat
XBR410 vehicle Fleet