[Looking for Community] Lumey


Hi, My name is Luke M or Lumey, I am looking for a new community to start making content on. I am an affiliated Twitch streamer and also make content on youtube.

  • AGE : 22
  • FROM : UK
  • HOURS ON GTA : 1,527 Hours

I have been roleplaying for around 3 years now and spend my time in a few different communities and working in a few different departments from fire/ems, LEO, dispatch.

Ranks iv been

  • CopsRP - [Fire/EMS] Assistant Fire Chief
  • Nevada State - [Dispatch] Dispatch Director [I was part of the admin team and went up to Head Admin, Director of Community Relations]
  • SADPS - [Fire/EMS] EMT.

My Plans

  • Stream Daily.
  • Make Weekly Videos on my youtube channel.

My Social

Contact me

  • Contact me in the comments or hit me up on my discord Lumey#4676 or any of my social’s ;p


Hey Man. Our community is a bit new and we are looking for people, especially Dispatchers and Firefighters! Go hit up the application form if you want to join!

San Andreas Coast RP (SACRP) is currently under development, but we hold 2 daily patrols at 8 pm GMT and 2 AM GMT. (Eventually might be squashed into one longer patrol) If you have any questions just reply here and I will get back to you!



Hey there!

LINK: https://discordapp.com/invite/MPHMDPT