Looking for administrator(s)


I currently have a staff team of 4 people active everyday. Our server populates to around 15 people around 4pm est time for about 6 hours. Weekends we range at least 10 all day but usually range up to 20 at times, active members, and a complete website. We have a developer working on a fully custom cad. We have plans of becoming whitelisted soon, along with a second server. Our current server is trainer based, but the trainer is serversided, to prevent troll menus and allows us to create many restrictions for RP purposes. We are looking for a staff member possibly two.

Must have a mic
Must speak english
Must have previous RP experience.
Must be mature
Willing to help administrate the server
Must be atleast 15 years of age
Lastly must be able to have fun, We love creating fun RP scenarios for our members. Along with updates everyday we try to create the best possible rp experience. But we need more staff to ensure we can.

This is mainly for people looking for a staff position within a server. Not for people looking to gain something like money.


NOTE: We are also looking for a Fire department Chief. Same requirements, but will be starting as support instead of admin. But can easily move there way up with respect.


teamspeak ip?
I’m interested.

#4 Im busy atm but will be able to talk in 20 mins or so. If you want to just wait in a channel then we can discuss.


Thats fine.
Ill be waiting for you buddy.


We are waiting. Will bring you into channel when your in.


Still looking for admins.


Sorry about yesterday, I’m online now.


Okay i am back now i had went out after i posted that. Message me anytime today to speak about the position


I’m on now…


Speaking to r.dean anyone else interested please hop on the teamspeak.


I’m interested in the role.

#13 so we can discuss this.