Looking for a Whitelisted Server to Join


Hello, all. I’m looking for a whitelisted server to join. I’m entering GTA RP for the first time as a character, but I have extensive experience with GTA, GTA: Online, and watching GTA RP on both YouTube and Twitch. I am an adult who believes in the golden rule that respect must be given before it is earned. I loathe failRP and powergaming.

A few of the qualities I look for in a server include:

  • Civilian Jobs: Mechanic/Tow, Car Salesperson, etc.
  • Criminal Jobs: Robberies, Drugs, etc.
  • Custom Ped and Car Models for Police, Fire, EMS and Civilians.
  • EMS medivac vehicles for critical care EMS RP.
  • CAD/MDT system
  • Open Interiors: Hospital, Prison, etc.
  • Immersive and serious roleplay.

Those are some of the qualities I desire to find in a server. I would be more than open to LifeRP servers, menu-based and non-ELS servers. If you know of any servers that meet any of the qualities I’ve outlined above, I would be more than grateful to you if you would recommend me some servers. Thank you.


60+ member server

Feel free to apply


Why not give American Outlaw Gaming a try. We have everything your looking for and more. We have around 200+ members and we’re always happy to have another join. https://discord.gg/cMtgMxZ


Thank you so much!