Looking for a Torch Script



I was looking for a script so you can turn on the flashlight on the guns and it keeps on while running and when you turn it off again it turnes off. Please help…


Can’t you just change the flashlight’s texture?
And btw this is in the wrong category.


I don’t think there’s a native that allows you to toggle the flashlight on/off while not aiming. At least I couldn’t find something like that in the natives reference http://runtime.fivem.net/doc/reference.html . Btw, moved the topic to #development:scripts.


I’m trying to figure out why you would want this. It would be so disorientating. The light would be swinging with the peds arm, just going everywhere. If you’re using a custom visual settings file, the contrast would be nuts. And like Vespura said, I think its not possible anyways.