Looking for a in game and discord or teamspeak admin job!



Hi my name is Mathieu i have been a admin for a few years on a handful of server and i am reaching out to anyone who needs a admin on there server i dedicate my time to being on youre server and getting rid of the people who fail rp. I am the type of person to hear both sides of the story and give warnings to members. i know that this is wired asking for admin role but im willing to help with making roleplay better. when i get on all i want to do is make roleplay better. if you are a server owner let me know! reply and i can ether join your discord and or team speak. like i said i dedicate my time to the server. i am not apart of any clan atm the last one i left because of poor ownership. thank you and have a good day - Matt R with a pay rate of $0.00 lol



Why you link me?

If your looking for a community you can pop over to IMPROV RP.
TS: fraffel.tech
Discord: https://discord.gg/5bwFdy3