Looking for a good community please read inside


I am looking for a very good FiveM roleplay Cumminity
I have been in multiple cummities, my most recent one decided to change their ways and almost everyone left, including me.
I was a Admin, Chief of Police, I was also a FTO(Field training officer

I have Experience and I don’t want to start over
I’m a adult

Message me on discord
Gamer27 #0462


Hello I Am A Senior Admin Of Washington State DOJ RP. I Am Also Sheriff If You Join I Can See If I Can Get You A Staff Position And A High Rank In The Sheriffs Department
Discord: https://discord.gg/BdERaTw


https://discord.gg/MTZAEz You’ll enjoy it here :slight_smile:


hey my server went down after my pc did but my pc repaired and im bringing it back how would you like to be a co dev i can teach you some things to like how to add stuff to server and more. please reply if interested.



I‘m Admin of the Los Santos Real Life Server (LSRL) and our Server is new. We need some players, and maybe you can get a nice Job you want with a high rank.
Our Email: lsrl.gta@gmx.de
Our TS3 Server: lsrl.teamspeak.me


community - Not Cumminity


Good day. I am from ASRPC, a role-play community. We would be glad to have u join us. We offer BCSO, LSSD, State Patrol and LSPD. Our discord is, https://discord.gg/FrQvXcn. Hope to see u in the future.



Im the CEO of Indiana DOJ

Would like to get you in my server… Join the discord


Are you still looking for a place, we are looking for an experienced FTO



I am the Asst Director of a new server called Blue Line Roleplay. We are based off of Ventura County, California. We currently have the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol. Our current age requirement is going to be fourteen. We are a better community. A community that listens. A community that will support each and every member through rough and challenging time. We are an understanding community. This is a community that will service you with integrity, professionalism, and realism.

Please click on our discord link and give us a chance. https://discord.gg/7M4Kce


Please consider NMRP New Mexico Role Play (NMRP) Wants You! | Outstanding CAD/MDT System | Custom Scripts | Active players | All Departments open for recruitment! | Join Now!



We are currently looking for new members to join our server.
we offer emergency services and civilian operations. The B.C.S.O. is currently not hiring but all other departments are, feel free to join our discord to find out more. https://discord.gg/dVsfcts


Hello there i see you are interested in roleplay.:wave:

Now are you interested in a server focused on realistic and fun roleplay you have come to the right place, of course we have alot going for us, but we also realize that words don’t mean much until you try out a server so we urge you to join us and try us out, after all what do you have to lose.

Departments Available
San Andreas Department of Public Safety
Blaine County Public Safety Commission
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Blaine Fire

Come check us out at!!!
Discord https://discord.gg/w88sCMD


If you want to look to an active server with a great community you can message me on discord DarkCommander#5872 or join https://discord.gg/dyGvDUZ


Join us at DOSRP. we have recently re-opened our doors after being closed for 1 month. We have been up since december 2016 and looking for new higher ups!


Check us out if you would like