Looking For a Dispatcher


Hello there, I’m on the search for a dispatcher who knows what they are doing. For anyone interested, we have a CAD/MDT system but keep in mind we use Teamspeak as our main way of communications. Although we do have a discord we use teamspeak for speaking. If you think you are the right one for the job then check out our discord or website. If you join our discord just keep in mind that you will be in the recruit chat and are unable to see everyone. Thanks so much for you interest and I hope to speak with someone soon!


I am a dispatcher IRL, I am also open for head of Comms.

EDIT: I am already in community


Ok @Rick_C_C-105 well if you are interested in joining then just join our discord and you can send a messgae in the recruit chat and i will get in touch with you.


Still looking for anyone to dispatch. Please if you are interested join our discord. (Keep In mind teamspeak is required)


Groans I dont have teamspeak, My discord username is 〖ᏉᎥᎮ〗ᗪόĐᎶε ĦєĻĻςάŦ ¥Ŧ


Unfortunately we require teamspeak @Rick_C_C-105


alright, darn, my computers OS isnt supported by teamspeak, I have a Acer CHROMEbook(Chrome OS)


Although i am currently an active commissioner and admin for a community already, i would love to help out with dispatching. I’m not the best dispatcher but I’m not the worst. If you wish to talk to me please hop on our teamspeak for a further talk :slight_smile:
Teamspeak Ip : Envious.Media


I am jack maddock and would like to be your dispatcher. I have trained as a dispatcher before and have been on in londons calling. I am avaiable any time of day and you can email me at jackmaddock111@gmail.com