London British Policing RPC | HIRING



Ever wanted to see the real truth of British policing?
Ever wanted to learn how the British police work on their day to day life?

Well now is your chance! London British Policing RPC is a BRAND-NEW community which offers the realistic side of modern day policing. Within this community we only accept the highest standard of Roleplaying, all of our situations are expected to be roleplayed to the fullest in order to let people get the real experience. We are hiring officers 24 hours a day as well as give top of the range trainings in order to let the officers feel what it is like to be on the streets of London. There are loads of units to join such as: Roads Policing, Armed Response, Response And Patrol, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) And many more.

Being a police officer not your style? Well we also offer the roles of London Fire brigade or London Ambulance Service.

Don’t want to be in the emergency service? Well you can also be a civilian make your own gangs, own businesses or just be the member of the public that does nothing wrong or be the independent person who loves to cause trouble.

Not only does this Community let people have fun as well as keep to a serious manner, but we like to hear what our members want in the game such as cars or even ped models. Our ELS system is all server side there for we are a OPEN community where no application is needed to be a civilian just simply join the game and have fun. All our emergency service members are however required to do a small interview as well a small training which lasts about 10 minutes this includes: Taser deployment, Driver training as well the basic policing such as radios and the arresting side. Join TODAY and meet the team!