Location display for Discord's Rich Presence


This simple resource uses FiveM’s new Discord Rich Presence support to display things such as the location and vehicle you are in!

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Finally, The download!:

GitHub download

This is still a work in progess, make sure to report any bugs to me!

[FIXED] Discord rich presence picture, help
[How-to] [Updated] Discord rich presence Custom Image :national_park:
[Ideas/Requests] Multiple ideas and requests for scripts

Nice dude I’m gonna use this :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 fucking awesome


Enjoy the Metagaming xP


I don’t arr pee so its nothing for me to care about /shrug


oh god why… :rofl:


100% :ok_hand:


“It really do be like that sometimes.”
-Wise Man

10/10 Release. You make daddy dickhead very proud.


A small update!

If you are on the ground in a heli/plane, you will now recieve a different message:


Noice 10/10 :+1:


Another little update!

I’ve improved the code for the running message along with adding a sprinting message:


Me When i’m S P R I N T I N G D O W N E L G I N A V E:


I legit saw this in discord and thought it was already a feature lol. Nice release :rofl:


Pretty cool stuff! Any way to change the default FiveM icon to the one used in the launcher?




This is now possible thanks to IceHax who replied “no” to you. I think your message inspired him :slight_smile:


Oh is it now? Where can someone (see also: me) find this?




use my code here


I’ve been using the one that @d0p3t linked, but thanks!