Local home server not showing up in server list


local home server doenst show up for others in the list and if they direct connect it doesnt show up.

i enabled port forwarding and all the license keys work, port forward to 30120, any help on this would be great


Are you sure you are port forwarding correctly? That sounds like the issue.


will check it out to make sure


Can they direct connect? They should be able to connect to your routers ip address or your ipv4 address, and if that doesnt work and its all portforwarded, put this in your server.cfg

#sv_master1 “”

If it is already in there, make it look like this.


[solved ] thanks …


Hello Candice!

What was the problem? How did you solve this?


enable port forwarding on several places, my firewall, my home pc, router wireless or other, and my other network device


I am having the same issue can i get some assistance i am having issues with this and all that i have all that

if anyone is able to assist please add me on discord Austin S.#2016


All you need to do is allow the port through your firewall by creating a new rule and entering the port to allow it through.