Loading FiveM with a lambda begins to rotate



I start a multiplayer. When Social Club is loaded, after it I see a lambda (FiveM logo), having waited for 5 seconds, she begins to rotate and here already kind of infinite loading. Who knows how to solve this problem?
P.S.: It has begun after updating of a multiplayer.


It is infinity loading.


Have u redownloaded gta v and fivem? i have never got this i’m pretty sure this is unusal… but i don’t know


OK, im trying to redownload FiveM.


I have a version of the game Social Club. I start a game from Steam.


delete %localappdata%\digitalentitlements and %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat

After i re-installed my fivem i got this too, a collective told me to do that and it fixed it :smiley:

FIVE M Launcher rare problem