Linux vs Windows

Hello everyone,

i’ve got a question wich os is now the best for fivem server?
Linux or Windows

I know there was already a discussion about this. But still no answer

I prefer linux because its lightweight and the most servers are linux because its easy to manage.
But i think in fivem the most servers are windows. Thats why i think windows is better because most tested os.

I would say windows just because in my opinion it’s easier to use due to the fact that I run a windows server myself.

I use a linux server for fivem all the time, and have had 0 issues with it.

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Yep. In addition, I prefer the uncluttered environment of Linux as well as it’s light footprint and high stability. Also, no need for license.

Not really, more and more servers are transitioning into Linux due to cost, stability and a plethora of other reasons. Linux really is the way to go, and I have never experienced any issues with FiveM on linux.


+1 on linux, got about 89 days uptime since my last security update on my server and about 144 days on another server,

There are a literal load of Linux related info posts on the internet and also loads of distro spesific tutorials.

I’ve used both but I use Linux for FiveM

Linux 4 ever, I can’t work without a tty

If I want to move my windows server onto Linux Ubuntu, how do I do it? I run an ESX server with a large database.

Backup all your database and resources folder+server.cfg, then download fivem-server for windows and restore files/folder/database (xamp on windows is a easy, and plenty of videos on youtube, way to set up database sql)

Im looking into Linux after reading this :grin:

yea about linux what is the best distribution of linux to use on a onesync server
because i have a linux server on ovh ubuntu 16.04 and i have problems

What problems do you have?

like if u wanna eat bread and drink water or type a message in the chat in takes a 2 to 3 minutes to execute

Do you have that problem on a default server?

Change distros. I’m stable on debian

Im experiencing same problem. On windows platform my custom script works perfectly, but when I push it on Linux, script takes quite a while to execute tasks.
Linux version Debian 9