Lightbar broken | Blue light stuck on?


In most of my cars in FiveM, the lightbar does not work. It either doesn’t turn on or it shows a blue solid light and doesn’t work. The taillights on all of the vehicles work when I turn the lights on, but the light bar doesn’t. Please help. Thanks.


Are you using ELS or vehicles that are ELS-enabled?


They are vehicles for els. And its not like they don’t work because my friends use them and it works fine.


I reinstalled GTA V fully, still doesn’t work.


Are you using the ELS that requires you to have the .xml files in your pack_default folder within your GTAV Directory?


Yes I am. I am using V1.05


you most likely will need to have the pack_default and replace it with the new one in your fivem>App Data>Plugins>ELS>pack_Default. You can replace the pack_default their. Then you will have to do it on your gta directory VDir>ELS>pack_default. Just in-case you dont know ELS needs to be in V directory and in plugins of fivem for ELS to work in-game