LIFE RP COMMUNITY | CUSTOM POLICE CARS | Recruiting -Sheriffs Department & State Department! (Serious RP)



Maybe you want to be a civ or a cop, doesn’t matter, chose your life at LifeRP.

Server Info -
-32 Players
-Active Admins
-0 Tolerance for Fail RP and trolling.
-We use discord :

LifeRP is a realistic based RP where you chose how you want to live, we don’t implement rules like, “NO STEALING POLICE CARS” because police car theft can happen in “LIFE”. Our rules list is quite short and jumps right to the point, anything not in the rules list is not a rule.

Some rules include -
-No abusing OOC
-No trolling
-No fail RP

Our website is currently a WIP (work in progress) but will soon be out, hopefully by DECEMBER 6th. If you would like to be a Police officer in either the Sheriff or State Department just DM me (J.Mander#2027) on discord, we request you are older than 15. <—(To ensure mature behavior)