Launch Vserver



I want to make a public server on FiveM for everyone. The problem is, I bought a Vserver on Host-Unlimited. I tried to figure out how it works, but I don’t get what type of key I need for the server on this site:
So I made a key for all things you can choose, and nothing works. The second thing is the .cfg file. I changed the endpoint_add_tcp and endpoint_add_udp to the server IP. But when I launch the server it shows this Error in my start.bat: Could not bind on - is this address valid and not already in use?
Does someone knows how it works? please reply with your answer! thanks at least! :smiley:


Don’t bind to your specific ip, just bind to


ok, I changed it. But it still does not show up in the FiveM server list, what could be the problem? I can only join with localhost. that’s all. Thanks for Help!


Make sure you have port forward the specified Port. And allowed it through the firewall.


oh thanks! now I can make it :slight_smile: