Lambda Menu Bug/Problem


(Not 100% sure, if this is the correct place to post this, so my apologies if it is not)

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I download the Lambda Trainer, and install it accordingly. I open up FiveM & Join a server, once in, I am able to use the Trainer, however I am unable to turn left or right with my mouse, and when I switch to First-person, I spin around in circles. I have tried uninstalling/ReinstallingFiveM, redownloading the Trainer multiple times, and nothing seems to work. (If I remove the Trainer from my FiveM application data folder, it is fine, and works perfectly normal) Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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Happens when the Trainer is in my FiveM application Data folder.


Ask for assistance in the Lambda menu thread.


I already have, however I noticed that most people don’t really receive answers to their problems, in that thread anymore, so decided to make a post here.


unfortunately you need to wait for replies in there… things are to be kept in the original topic so the forums don’t get cluttered with random threads and then answers can be in one place.


Yeh I understand that, I just thought best place to get the answer/report the bug was here, as I have seen a few people with the same problem, who have posted in the Comments, and never got answered.