LakeSide Valley RP | ELS Vehicles | Nice Admins & Staff | Custom CAD


Hello! I’m Assist Director Cole here with Lakeside Vallery Roleplay. Here we offer a wide variety of departments, and ranks.

-Los Santos Police Dept.
-San Andreas Highway Patrol.
-Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.
-Fire Department
-Civilian Operations
-San Andreas Communications.

Some benefits we have in the server.
-Custom CAD (Very professional)
-Private Direct Connect
-Teamspeak & Discord
-ELS Vehicles

We’re always hiring, even on special events. Our discord is and you will receive the teamspeak IP/Address after you’ve been accepted. Stay tuned for car photos.


Hi im the Director of this community. If you have any questions or concerns connect to our discord.


My Favorite Tahoe!


I am the Commissioner of the San Andreas Highway Patrol in LakeSide Valley RP and we are dedicated to realistic roleplay, and a professional roleplay experience. I have these code of ethics in my office and I follow these code of ethics aswelll as everyone else within the San Andreas Highway Patrol. Honesty | Integrity | Compassion | Professionalism | Accoutability | Respect

Commissioner Dawson Hoot


A little bit of some information…

  1. ELS: ELS is used on our server, it is a special kind of client sided lighting that we use for all of our police, and fire cars.

  2. CAD: The CAD/MDT is used all the time on the server, it is a professional system that is basically your dispatcher instead of using one.

  3. Departments: We have 6 departments to choose from, 3 are LEO. One is fire, communications and civilian.

  4. Youtube/twitch: We do have lots of youtube and twitch streamers, if you’re wanting to record or stream please talk to an Administrator if you’re a full member.

  5. Sub Divisions: The more members we get, the more sub divisions we can get. Currently HP is working on K-9 Unit.

Join LSVRP today, our discord is


IAA & FIB Work together to find the Hitman that took out Chief Josh M.


I love this clan every one is great and the more people just join the better we will get


Our Interview and Field Training Team will work hard to help all applicants to get their role and training complete. Happy new years, kind regards. Assist Director Cole.
Discord -
Interview TS -
(Please join this discord as well so we know who you are :slight_smile:


Dispatchers are still needed here, it is the department that we need most. Please sign up on our discord and get the chance to become a SA Communications Operator for LSVRP.
Discord -


Our fan discord is now up, but before we release that we need some members in our community discord! 2 new lspd officers today,


3 new Dispatchers, come join our dispatch or police force today!

Or join our fan discord!