👑 KingpinRP is searching for a Game Developer | 2/6/2019



Hiya FiveM.

Kingpin RP is an up and coming server in development that is in need of an experienced developer.
Our forum can be found here: http://kingpinrp.net/
Our goal is to create a professional roleplay environment, and enjoy the project as a whole whilst also when developing it. We are looking for someone that wants to enjoy what they create, and along with that be able to feel free to always join the community as we would view them as family. We want somebody that is experienced, and that wants to feel like they’re being supported while developing. We have absolutely no tolerance for immaturity and over-exaggerated drama. We always treat people with respect, to get respect, and hopefully vice versa! If you are interested in speaking with me about possibly becoming a developer for Kingpin please feel free and welcome to message me back, thank you.

What we are looking for:

  • Experience
  • Maturity
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledgeable Individual
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot and fix problems
  • Mission oriented individual

What we offer:

  • Professional/Supportive work environment
  • Stable Foundation to Build on
  • Ability to grow your skills
  • Long Lasting Stable Funding for Server costs
  • Lasting goal for server longevity

What we don’t want:
*Someone who only knows how to install resources. This does not count you as a “Developer.”

Other important notes:

  • We have a general community of 2,650 members and half of those that would like us to release a FiveM server.
  • This will primarily be an ESX Server but will be configured for custom scripts as well.
  • Currently a dedicated server from NFOServers
  • Teamspeak IP:
  • Google SEO License
  • WHM (I own a webhosting company)
  • Am able to provide any essentials needed in software.
  • Have started a fresh base of ES and ESX.
    Any help is appreciated.


Those who wish to inquiry on the possible opportunity:
My discord: Matty#7314
Website: http://kingpinrp.net/
Servers Discord: https://discord.gg/PMNYbp8

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Hello Matthew,


What separates you from the other estimated 150+ other roleplay communities and servers?


The golden question that a solid 95% of community can’t answer correctly.


Doesn’t change the golden question…

We have a flooded modification with potato arrr pee communities. V7 wasn’t that great, it was okay - not that great, Caden was a cuck and a douche but that’s not a discussion for here. Haha


I totally agree ARR PEE communities are desperate and starving to be better than everyone else, but when they do it they only care about being popular and than they slack after like a week because they are not getting anywhere. Honestly, if you start a community it is not going to always kick off instantly, 95% of servers fail for two reasons Low Production, Or Owner Slacks. If you’re going to run good ARR PEE do it good the first time and not the 5th or 6th time.


I personally feel your efforts would be better suited within a established community and working your way in versus starting something fresh in a saturated market, however I’ll agree with you here and in an effort to not flood this topic with my opinion, I will cease responses. I wish you good luck.


forums are completely set up. Still in need of a developer to help!


What will you want your dev to do exactly? because I had a look at your sever and it looks like a generic server no effort by you to do any dev work.


For those who come and think this is a trainer based server, I’ll tell y’all right now that it’s not. They run with ESX. Thank you and goodbye.


bumping this post again.