👑 KingpinRP | WL Police, EMS | Drugs | AI House Robberies | Custom Scripts + More


Hiya FiveM.

Kingpin RP is an up and coming server that has just been released.
We are focused on professional roleplay with a fun active community that strives for growth for the server. If you’re wishing to find a new home, with a lovely community you’ve come to the first stop on this adventure, if you will allow me to take you down memory lane onto the golden arches that is Kingpin Network Roleplay for FiveM, please continue reading.

Completely Integrated and Balanced Economy

What Brilliance of Features we have to offer:
Custom Scripts (seen below, much more not added to this post for the sake of your eyeball things)
AI House Robberies
Server Sided EUP
Gang Market
Black Market for Weapons
Black Market for Gang trading
Black Market for Vehicles
A Plethora of Add-On vehicles continuously being configured and added to the server each day
Court System
Vehicle Inventory
Custom Keyfob for owned Vehicles
Custom Vehicle Alarm Systems (Even the NPC Vehicles)
Custom Integrated UI’s
Custom Robberies (Configured Banks, Housing, Gang Housing, Stores, and many more for illegal robbery activities)
Custom Gang System
I dunno, hang off a boat and do a yeet to catch some fishy sharks?
We got tacos
-No we actually don’t.
But So Much more…

What Custom-ish Jobs do we have to Offer:
Custom Law Enforcement Departments (LSPD, BCSO, SASP, FBI, Government)
Los Santos Medical Center (LSMC/LSMD)
Fishing (Not really a job, just go fish when you wanna fish :wink: )
Um… Underwater Basket Weaving? (okay I stole that from another thread)
Illegal Jobs
Money Laundering
Very many more must stop mi hands hurt now.

You Can make your life either a potato, or the terrifying potato bug if you choose to do so.

Okay sorry, almost to the golden arches…

Okay no I lied we’re already here ready for your arrival.

Website: http://kingpinrp.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/PMNYbp8
Direct Connect IP:

Did you click it if yet?
what are you waiting for.jpeg
How bout now?

So here’s a picture of a Shiba.



Okay see you there.

Looking for Roleplay Server [SeriousRP, Legal Jobs, Realism, LEO / EMS / Fire]
Developer looking for existing server to join
Our Offical SASRP Developer Recruitment Post 2019! Huge Opportunity and Potential!

Hiring for EMS/LEO!


32/32! Thanks everyone so far that has joined.

Anyone who needs a server should check us out!

New ingame content coming this weekend.

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How do I go about washing my dirty money


AI House Robberies has been released.