Hello everyone,

My name is Kane, i do most of the server setups and configurations. I am one of the devs of Five Reborn.
Now we got all that official shit out of the way lets get to me as a person, i respect and like everyone when i meet them until they change my mind. I code since i was about 10 years old and right now i mainly program in C#, Javascript and NodeJS server programming.

I hope you like me aswell and i hope to see more of all of you :wink:


Good luck with the project!


hope to see it succeed and not die liek V:MP and our aussie friends


@GanjaMonster Yeah kinda sad it went away, but also good. Because if it didn’t i would’ve never found FiveReborn.


@kanersps yea buddy well best of luck to you guys i want to see another beautiful mod from you guys it was amazing