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We need a Developer that can make custom cars for our community, I mean like BCSO cars, and LSPD Cars. Not just skins, but I need custom skins and vehicles made for our community. We are offering rewards for anyone that can make custom vehicles for BCSO and LSPD for our wonderful community we are starting! Sorry for sounding demanding, thanks and have a wonderful day!


You should give a way to join just saying.



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Like a discord server, website or application form.


Oh okay. Yeah, we are working on a Forum at the moment.


I am a Dev. I know how to code stuff like discord bots, websites, somewhat fivem scripts. PM me if you need me to be a developer. (I WILL NEED FILE ACCESS) I can get you some police peds and vehicles almost right away. Probably not with ones with your servers name on it but I would work on it.


I will have to pass on that one because I need custom made vehicles. I don’t want a dev that will try to get me to install teamviewer just so he can install fricking mods off of lspdfr.com


Joe Briscoe
I might be able to help I’m NOT the best by any means, but I am alright I’ve also got a buddy who can help but we would need some good rewards because we are starting a community of our own I mean I can edit pre existing cars and stuff, and edit pre existing peds but aside from that this is probably the best you are going to get from people not charging irl money


I decline your offer, and I never said in real life money kid.


Not even allowed to pay people


Get out of here with that. Read the terms of service. Explicitly disallowed. Just like how you spam everyone on discord. Go away.


lol (20 character) “Go awayyy”

No offence


I can design custom vehicle skins. Not car models but can design skins.


What the hell? spamming?! im not speaking about money im speaking about promotions on their server, i know money isnt allowed but ive seen peole asking me for 100+ for game textures. And i dont spam on discord, learn not to be gullible.


Yes i know im not asking for meny, i said this is the best you are going to get ithout people asking for money, again IM NOT ASKING FOR money


I am a skin maker ill make skins for you guys


Yeah, because you need promotions in another community when you are starting you own. That makes complete sense.

@Joseph_Briscoe, have you found anybody yet?


OH MY GOD Seriously Brig, im not asking for money, i am starting my own community. i obviously cant ask for money because thats not allowed, i am not fricking dumb, hence why i am asking for a promotion do your job and stop assuming.


Brig i need to speak with your superiors, how do i go about contacting them?


E-mail pr@fivem.net. I’m sure they’ll give you some good rewards for your community, too. Or I could add them to the rage PMs you send me. Now lets stop ruining this fellow’s topic.