JoinTransition - A simple transition between the loading screen and spawning the player



A simple script that adds a transition between the loading screen and spawning in-game. Should work with most custom loading screens, as well as the stock FiveM loading screen.


In case that embedded preview doesn’t work, try this:

Download / Source :cloud:


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Put the folder into your resources folder. (make sure that you end up with the __resource.lua being in the following location: resources/jointransition/__resource.lua)
  3. Add start jointransition to your server.cfg file.
  4. Start the server, enjoy.


  • There might be a few issues, because joining servers can sometimes be glitchy, this is usually caused by some buggy resource.
  • If you spot an issue in this resource itself, or have found a way to improve this, feel free to create a pull request. Or, if you just found the issue but don’t know how to solve it yourself, create an Issue on the GitHub page and make sure to provide as much information as possible.

Thanks to @Jaymo for helping me with the switch in native.

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Great work on that man! I have to give it a try with my loading screen


As long as your loading screen doesn’t manually call the ShutDownNui… native or whatever it’s called, then you should be fine.


Aweosme like always!


Awsome great job +1 !!!


good job as always man <3


Very nice release. I was waiting for something like this :smiley:




Which loading screen is used in your preview? Sorry for the off-topic.


keks it’s a default resource (in the [test] folder I believe)