yes it does save locked vehicles, buy when you disconnect they are all gone. it just there for when you play :slight_smile:


Please update the plugin! Collected server plug - ins version August + September and this plugin does not respond to pressing the button to close and open the car. On the old version of the server works, and on the new-does not want. Doesn’t even write anything after I click on open and close the car. Anyone is not difficult to update the plugin for the new plugins, and more specifically August and September, really need these locks.


i dont know what you mean, i do still use this script on my server and it works great. and controlrelease wil be always controlrelease, so if the buttons doesn’t work for you, make shure to change the keys in your setting of fivem/gta


Moved the button to another and still does not respond to pressing, does not even write for example, that is not my car or something like that… I have the latest version of the server and all plugins since the end of August and September… on the old version of the server, which did in may, your plugin works, and the new version does not respond at all, help me, what should I do? I just noticed that old plugins do not work on new servers… and your, too, in the console included, but on a zero attention…


in other words, your plugin only works with the old version of ESX, I have a new one, I would like to use your version of the door opening in cars, tell me what to do? I added in the shell (my nickname: Immelmen#8196), I am interested to use and use your plugin. Help me!


in fact this ressource has nothing to do with esx.this is a standalone script :slight_smile: .this is a client only script so if you print something it will ba on console of fivem client.
i added you on discord


when you try to help people and how the treat you …


I have the same problem i have change the Key from K to U and the Script doesn´t work


whith the update ? :stuck_out_tongue:


hi im just finking is it possible change GetLabelText(GetDisplayNameFromVehicleModel(GetEntityModel(vehicle)))
to something another , lets say im thinkinghow to set this message read not vehicle model name but read plate number, and when you lock/unlock its pop up whit plate number.
if some 1 can do i will be more than happy.


My question is how I can edit the script so that only the owner of the car can lock and unlock the vehicle? Sorry for bad english.


make a check server sided if plate is yourse


What do you mean ?


How do I make the sound effects work? I find that part really confusing.


is this for esx?




when you lock it and someone tries to get in it ,it deletes the car