Hello everyone!

It has been long day since i’ve shared something. Today i am releasing my own made vehicle lock script that works for all server. You just need to press K to open or close a vehicle. have fun!


v1.0.1: added npc locking vehicles
v1.0.2: removed wrong locals
v1.03: fixed keys, press K to lock/unlock


Im pretty sure this is not allowed! “If you find my scripts good and you wish to donate me for my work. feel free to contact me :)”


nvm deleted it :slight_smile:


Yes, that is very much not allowed and against the Terms of Service.


It’s all good @JHodgson1 he understands and got rid of it, thank you @Jager_Bom


is it anyway you can givekey to ppl in the car? so they can lock and unlock? :=)


not atm … this is a client side script. maybe updates will follow


okei nice :slight_smile: wanna try to make one but dont know how to start it


hi. Does it lock npc vehicles?


Doesn’t work for me.


explain what you did, I need more information then it doesn’t work for me. That means nothing to me
Give some errors if you got some. but that code is on my server and no one is complaining


i can add to disable npc vehicles… that coeld be an option :slight_smile:


No errors or I would of put them, resource loads, I get in a car press K and nothing…


That would be nice Of u…
Y not have all in One


added npc locking vehicles


I got this error.


hey! thanks for reporting ! fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:


This doesnt work for me, does it require anything. Changed nothing just added it to my server


Does this save vehicles when they are locked.


hello, thx for reporting, i did fix the issue. have fun. Nothing else is required