In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support


I can Add all Websites?


You can add any website that allows for it to be iframed. If you read thru the comments, I’ve mentioned how to see if a site can be iframed.


Where had you mentioned it?


Your right, I thought it was here in the comments. See the GitHub issue #2 @ that will explain how to check. Also on the discord support channel, there is lots of hints and tricks as well as other users who are able to provide assistance.


I haven’t experimented with it just yet but thought I would ask, why are we using a custom youtube page for the tablet and not iframing youtube? I was thinking youtube uses html5 to display the videos… no?

Not at my gaming machine to edit the html and test but wanted to see what others have tried.


You can’t Iframe a lot of sites entirely for security reasons. Sure you can get a video to work but you won’t be able to iframe the whole site. This method allows for you to watch them thru iframe. I do have a new version of it I might put up soon. You can read up on why sites block iframes vs me explaining it.


That makes sense. I’m used to the olden days when you could pretty much iframe anything. lol.

Edit: Have you tried ?
Some videos may still not work due to not allowing embed but thats likely true with anything but the official site.


Just took a look at it seems legit. I’ll test it out later today.


so how do i add bubbleapps cad on our tablet because i tried it before and the positioning was not working


Google positioning your content in an iframe.


I got the tablet working, and I also got OpenCAD to launch inside of it, however, I think it would be smart to have an options for making it so that the function will check if M is pressed AND IsPedInAnyPoliceVehicle() would be neat so we could limit access to cops only if we were using it for CAD.

There is one problem I ran into though, and that was when I pressed the app at the bottom for OpenCAD, the page too around 10 seconds to even open and when it finally appeared, it rendered horribly. It was almost like it ignored the CSS. So I think there is some compatibility issues.


As for the police thing, that’s something you can add on your own very easily. Not sure why you’d want to block the whole tablet over opencad. Also locking it to police only means you gotta add your civs manually. Also tablet isn’t a web browser if something loaded slow it would be because of your connection, server, web host, or other reasons. There is a two to three second delay when you open something for the bounce effect.


Also if your CSS on opencad is messed up it’s because you have a issue probably to do with the config file and the web address.


Yes that is on his end. I’m using them both and don’t have That issue.


Nice release. Would have been nice if you seperated the html, css and js though. But keep up the good work :+1:


then youll need to add a thousand pages to the resource lua.


Everything could have been done in 1 CSS file. But it’s also working the other way :+1:


Yeah but not everything was built at once and each page is really using its own CSS if I made a network with all pages matching then I would have done that. I wanted to have a variety without CSS rules fighting each other.


Looked into it and found that my OpenCAD would open locally on the server PC just find when using external links. However, on my personal PC it was completely borked. Turns out it was refusing connections because i configured OpenCAD for local host… not for my external. Such a simple mistake, but glad I caught it!

Your tablet works fantastic and I will definitely be using it for some interesting things. Thanks for your work!


Any ideas why when I try to redirect to a google spreadsheet it crashes?