In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support


weird it crashes but are you embedding the doc?


Just redirecting to it


Try embedding it. Google is probably blocking it or forcing a pop up that causing the crash.


How would I do that?



Thank you, I got it to work.


Updated the YouTube page to a better design.


I have not changed the name of the folder, and I get the resource can not be loaded error.


Make sure the tab folder thats in the folder you downloaded gets put in.


Hey! Yeah it is, I just copied and pasted.


Contact me on discord and I will screen share with you and help find your problem.


Im having an issue when I close the computer the mouse will not get off my screen anyone know how to fix that?


Is there any way to disable that you can use a controller to open it, it is really irretating because when i change the camera it opens the tab, is there any way to disable that?


Did you change the name of the tab folder?


Yes I’ll post a method when I get to my computer.


Change line 59 in the client.lua to this

            if (IsControlJustPressed(0, 244)) and GetLastInputMethod( 0 ) then


Yes and I changed the Hotkey to X


Well, it says not to change the folder name. Change the name back and it will work as intended.


How can I do that, I don’t have your link.


Look on the GitHub page. Apparently, it’s advertising if I post it here.