IMMERSION +18 ( 32 Companies ONLY / Recruit ON / FR-EU)



At first, my name is Tomtom and yes it’s not my real name. I’ve started a server 5 months ago, and it’s now the time to share it with you.

About me:
I’ve edited this post because, maybe some players would like to play on “my” server. I say “my” because I’m the dev but I don’t like to say that things are mine simply because at first I did this server for players and because most of scripts are from others dev who did them on their free time and shared it to the community.

About the server:

The economy:

  • If you are looking for a server where you are able to win millions in less than one hour, forget it xD. The econommy has been improved.
  • No money is created by the game. Only farms or interactions makes you win money.
    Paychecks are done by companies. You have to work to make you company make money and pay your salary.
  • Only 2 companies create money: The Brinks and The Illegal money maker (Please see the description below)
  • Even companies have to be bought. You can resell them to others. This create a new way to win money…

Scripts and my definition of RP server

  • Scripts, ALL of them have been improved, modified and somes are from me (ok only 2 or 3 scripts on 180 :frowning: )
  • Everything has been done to force players to interact with others players:
    Most of companies have a farm job within but to complete some process you will need items made by other company.
    An example: If you Produce your wine, you will need a Transporter to transport your wine from your domain to the Unicorn. Why ? Simply because the Transporter can pack 6 bottles in one winebox and put wineboxes in his truck. But to build empty boxes he will need some treated wood that Lumberjacks can sell to the Transporter. Foodtruckers need Farmers to produce their food and vegetables etc. etc. etc.
  • Vehicles: Real cars have been added as ADD-ON only ! No way to see wonderfull cars driven by AI and stolen by you ! :rofl:. You have to buy them. The handling and the max speed as been done for all the added vehicle (it has been very long…)
  • There are Radars (fine are proportional to the delta speed measured) but you can buy a flash reflective plate …
  • Of course there is ELS
  • If no taxis, you can call AI taxi’s
  • Rain wash your car, you can chose your seat etc…
  • Each time you eat, drink, transform something, you create wastes (see below)


  • I added to the map all the new bunkers, labs, and used them for things. I’ve also added the map like the court house, the police station and the Spa Francorchamp, famous race track imported from F1 2010 (very well modded! I’ll credit ppl) I also did some modifications (what somes like to call map design (lol) on these maps)
  • Most of company buildings that have doors can close and open them with a key. (It has been very long…)
    So if the unique garage (Benny’s) is closed, its closed and you are ***** :wink: If you want to rob the bank, you will have to hack bank doors before. If you fail it will induce a blackout in the city. Of course policeman can enable the electricity at the nucelar power plant!
  • There is also a border line that split the map in 2.


  • There are no “farm” jobs.
    All the “Farm” jobs have been converted to societies with a boss.
    Farms are available inside companies
  • We have more than 32 societies. Of course it’s also because I’ve prepared some stuff for the 64 players update (when it will be officially released)
  • You can handle two jobs at the same time. You can be the boss of two companies. It’s your choice if both are legal, illegal or One legal and the other one illegal.
  • You have 2 garages per company: The society vehicles garage and the second one is a vehicle spawner.

Names are hidden, not on the Dev server from where the picture is

Please see the list below

  • unemployed: No principal job

  • unemployed2 : No secondary job

  • Police/Sheriff The famous and awsome police job, with some features like a computer to open some doors or to get access to flashes from each cabine. (If you valide them or one 50% if for the LAPD, 50% is for the president) and others scripts, vehicles etc…

  • Ambulance As the police can send you in jail, you can send them to hospital for a certain time. You can’t ALT+F4 to revive. There are KO, drugs effects …

  • Mecanic. You can close and open the benny’s gate. If you aren’t here but you opened the gate, players money will directly go to your company

  • Realestateagent

  • Cardealer Players cars are imported near docks. The transporter, Mecanics, and you can transport them with a flatbed

  • Taxi

  • Banker You can place players money in stock Exchange (random -1% to +4% each 24h). Player needs you to place or remove money. and you can proceed to Bank loans.

  • Avocat (Lawyer)

  • Dock (vendeur de bateaux)

  • Assureur (Car Insurance) If you are in the City, the “return vehicle” function is disable in garages

  • FIB

  • Foodtruck You need Farmers to buy meat, vegetables to cook tacos and burgers. Your food is the best one and refuel every stomacs

  • Gang

  • Cartel

  • Bikers

  • Army (Ready but only when 64players)

  • bus (Same as taxi)

  • Mafia

  • disco You need Winemakers and farms to craft your drinks. Your drinks are the best one and no one will be thirty anymore.

  • air Sell Planes and Heli’s

  • Fireman Have same functions as EMS have

  • Irmedia Journalist company, you can publish articles and diffuse messages to all. Sell them as advertisements

  • teamspa You are the company that manage the Spa Francorchamp Racetrack. You can repair, rent sports cars to all, only on the racetrack)

  • Winemaker Produce and sell your wines or drink them :raised_hands: !

  • Garbage Recolt players and company’s wastes. Treat them, recycle them and sell them

  • Farmers The best chiken, meat, vegetables, fruits of the city !

  • Textil Recolt whool, treat them to coton and sell them. To make paper it can be usefull. You can make wears and sell them. Why did he says paper ?

  • Brinks You have to recolt 10% of company’s money each week. You also have a farm job. You can print money but becarefull, at the last treatment, the money become usable by all!

  • president You are the real president of the city. You can also start a Purge. Official Purge message is started, when alarms start, blackout starts and …

  • Illegal weapon reseller Only you can buy and resell weapons. Only the Pistol is legal when declared to the LSPD. If LSPD finds you, you lose and have to give this job to someone else.

  • Illegal money maker You can print blackmoney. Becarefull during the last treatment the blackmoney becomes usable by all !

  • Lumberjacks Transporters really need you

  • Miner

  • Transporter/Trucker

  • Airfrance Take off and transport like Truckers boxes or passengers. It can be usefull to pass the border line

I forgot The server is fluid and stable. (that was also very long. I joke, great framework (ESX) and devs!)

Again I forgot It’s a French server but it could be awsome if differents nationalities join us and get their company or gangs.

Again I forgot It’s a mature community 17-45 y.o and the average is around 22-23 y.o I would say.

Again I forgot Our discord is:

We have only 3 basic rules
1 - Respect others (I’m not a BAN fan boy but I become it when this rule isn’t respected)
2 - Have a good moment
3 - Play RP and interact with others

Again and again I forgot I publish the financial economy each weekend (not the one that are at 0$):

Maybe see you in the city!

**Because Pictures are better than words : **


At the second exit please turn right… Sry


Huger, Thirst and drugs are now displayed in alphanumeric format with icons. Icons aren’t yet well positionned depending of your screen resolution.
Optimized for 1920*1080


is the weapon on your back real and can use it? or it’s only scirpt for showing?
if it’s a script for real one can i buy it


Hi @vIG4Ever,

At first I have nothing to sell, neither scripts neither my server on which I’ve been working on for 5 months. Sharing stuff why not.

And also because it’s not my script!!! Please do a quick reseach on this forum for esx_realweapons.

Best Regards ,



Thanks man

have a nice day in your server + Sorry For Disturb


You dont disturb ! sry if my answer seems cold :slight_smile:


no no it was helpful but I’ve bad English sorry


Nice photo
lokking for your car racetrack company job and Car Insurance .
Can you send me messenger where a can find thi


Looks awesome! Can I ask where did you get the figures for the economy. I’m looking for something like this but I’m failing to find it anywhere. Is it a discord bot?



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