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Welcome to illinois State Roleplay. The official FiveM server for the State of Illinois. With the serious RP and exciting scenario’s, we can guarantee you will have fun. We are a mature community and are always looking for new members age 12 + to Roleplay with us. Our community are the ones you don’t get buttf##ked at the first day as a cop/fire/EMS. We make it possible to you that you can be a part of the RP without feeling bad, we ask you about what you like to make you feel more comfortable with us so we can decide whats best for you.

We are like DOJRP just that we are open for everybody and you do NOT have to be 16+ to apply for any department.

Some of our features include but are not limited to:

  • The Best staff team that is always there to help improve the server and your Role Play experience

  • Real life LEO’s/FIRE/EMT’s in the community, who are always willing to share their knowledge and help us learn how things are done in real life

  • A Full Police Training that explains how to do all the things when you are on patrol (If you think the F.T.O did a bad job, send the Owner a DM about why.)

  • A open 12+ Roleplay Experience ( Real life Roleplay)

  • Custom Fire/EMS cars

  • A Custom CAD/MDT system

  • Active/Dedicated Developers to tackle bugs

  • Real Life Construction / Tow Vehicles

  • Realistic Vehicle Damage

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Official Illinois State Roleplay Community, head to our discord (link below). We are looking for members who will be active and dedicated to the server.

  • All Department’s are recruiting for new members daily.

  • If you are wondering; We are NOT a ESX Server. I Repeat; We are NOT a ESX Server.

Website - Work in progress

Become a member today - Discord-

Have Fun! Owner of ISRP - LiL Prebzi#6560 Add for questions


Well made Bjornen! LOVE IT!


Thank you! Means very much to me!


cool i got a question. imma add you on discord


New Server. Join for some awesome RP!


Hey! Everyone who is reading this we got something to say. IF YOU join our DISCORD server can YOU NOT leave after 2 HOURS SO WE CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS?