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About us

Illinois state roleplay is a community based in the East part of Illinois more specifically Chicago and the surrounding counties. We are a new server with a Custom CAD/MDT and in House made skins for our NON-ELS vehicles and a bunch of other content

What we’re looking for

Currently we are looking for Staff, Fire & EMS and Officers. To be staff you Must be age 15+ to join any department we require you to be 13+
NON-ELS vehicles and a bunch of other content


  • NON-ELS Vehicles
  • In house made skins
  • Custom made CAD/MDT
  • Friendly staff
  • Original RP
  • Active devs
  • Dedicated Owners





Thank you for reading, I hope to be seeing you in the server very soon


Bump. Coast guard department added


Great server, Been here since BETA


Added Community police for anyone who wants to try being a LEO


Bump Still looking for staff, LEO’S, EMS



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I only added pictures cause we recently added new cars… The bump i added was a day after the other one


a) There was activity within the last 24 hours so you’re not allowed to bump it.
b) Posting images is still a bump, the two hour difference is not a day difference. Just because it may not be on the same day, doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to bump it. There must be 24 hours with no activity.