I'am looking for help form devloper



i’am looking for devloper can developing some file for vRP Framework

if any one he is a devloper or coder please pm in message


Would probably be better to tell them what you are wanting. Nobody knows if they can do what you are wanting them to do…



i need but job in identity , like this

i want if someone ask id he see

job in identity of guy

if you can help my i well be greatfull

this files


Help me now if you can >


Is it reasonable no one knows how to modify a file identity ?



They probably do. But it seems you used google translate to translate it on here and its hard to even understand what you want. I personally don’t do anything with VRP or ESX so I can’t help you.


ok Let me explain to you
i want add more thing in identity file
if anyone ask someone else for id
he see
first name,last name,age,job
i want make this

I hope you understand


You will have to wait for someone that knows VRP to help you. sorry


anyone help :frowning: