I need to change my gta 5 language to english


So basically when I launch GTA V with Steam, it’s in English even when im playing. But once I launch it with FiveM, SocialClub turns into Chinese and the locations turns into chinese for ex. im a RP server, friends screen Joshua Road, mine is Joshua Road but in Chinese characters with / Sandy Shores Is there a way to change the language bug? My friends were giving an option to select lang when downloading and I didn’t get any options for language selections… Please help, I can’t read Chinese…


A few points:

  1. Do you have any Chinese locale configured on your system?
  2. Have you ever used a pirated version of GTA V on your PC, which might have been by a Chinese cracking group?
  3. If neither of the above, what is your system locale?

  1. I purchased this laptop in China.
  2. No I purchased GTA V on Steam for 60 USD
  3. Doesn’t Relate

The Laptop’s language is in Chinese most of it is in English and I don’t know how to change it to full english, it also isn’t Windows10 Pro its just Windows 10 Regular.


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sorry! i thought it didnt belong in there too, so i moved it in the general category :confused:


I guess you can help me move it. but based on the info given above ^ is there a fix?


If you got the Chinese local installed on windows, remove it.


Can you link me the steps in how to do it? Im on Windows10 Original I can’t change my system language without pro Im pretty sure


you can do it on any version of windows, just google how to do it.


Been on google googling for about 45 Minutes, still can’t find it, Tried multiple MEthods but im 100% sure they aren’t the correct methods, can you please link me a method that can remove a locally installed Chinese language thing. Thank you!


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