I need help with cars please urgently



I would like to know if there is a script that prevents the erasing of the spawned vehicles once you restart the server so that you do not have to spawn vehicles every time you enter since I am riding a mini movie and it is a lot of work every time I enter


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@Sr_lazaro pretty sure it’s impossible just have the server up all the time and it’s done. Also download the deletevehicle script


It is logically impossible, the only way to prevent cars from being deleted is leaving your server up. when you restart the server, the map reloads, regardless of whether or not you want it too, I don’t believe there will be a release for such. It MAY be possible (if it is I am unaware) for a map to be released that includes pre-spawned vehicles on server start up. but I can say is that it is impossible on a server restart for spawned vehicles to remain in server.


Not exactly… If you made a script that connects to a database it should work.

That being said, you’d have to have the car model, along with coordinates and something that executes the script to make the vehicles spawn in on server start/resource start. Not impossible, just have to put work into it.


Thank you very much to all for to see answered my doubt at some point may exist, is that I had an idea in my head and maybe I could exist in such a way as the objects of the map editor that the objects that are saved in a point with some coordinates etc etaria great for the movies in fivem peeeero if you can not then thank you very much everyone chic @ s greetings leave the thread open even if someone has a same doubt and see this.


But the script at least now does not exist and would be complicated What truth?


I’ve never seen or heard of any modification that does what you’re asking. @Not_Blu does have a point though, you could possibly get the vehicle model and coordinates into a database that spawns it in that spot after restart, but you’d also have to script it to execute, plus you’d probably have to create tables in the database as well to set the car to spawn with the same color and modifications (if you have modifications on it). Not impossible but really needs dedication to get it to work.

Create completely persistant vehicles